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Meet Our Staff


Tony Basile

Black Belt - 2nd Degree

303 Training Center was founded in 2010 by Professor Tony Basile.  He is a father of four sons and one daughter and has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 19 years. In that time, he has been awarded his Black Belt and First Degree by Master Carlos Gracie Jr, Received his 2nd degree from "The Boss" Professor, Fabio Costa and has been a jiu jitsu black belt for almost 10 years.  He has been coaching the 303 kids program since 2010 and has had huge successes  including kids achieving unbelievable accomplishments and raising thousands of dollars for a variety of charities!  The father of five is also a 2X UFC World Champion coach with an outstanding UFC coaching record of 14-6 and going 2-2  coaching in UFC Championship fights. Professor Tony Basile has shown the profound ability to help produce champions both on and off the mats through Jiu Jitsu and a true genuine desire to help all accomplish their goals no matter whom it may be!

jason g.jpg

Jason Goode

Black Belt 1st Degree



Paul Gummerson

Black Belt

Like so many other people, watching Royce Gracie dominate the early days of the UFC sparked my interest in jiu jitsu.  And like so many other people, I spent years telling myself that I was going to try it myself "someday".  Then in 2011 I realized that I was getting very out of shape and overweight and that I needed to do something about it.  I found a place to train and started my jiu jitsu journey.  I spent my first few years training at several different gyms.  Eventually, I found my way to 303 Training Center where I have been training ever since.  In January 2021 I was awarded my black belt by Professor Tony.  Since I've become involved in jiu jitsu I have competed in, helped organize and refereed hundreds of tournaments and professional matches. I have taught regular classes at 303 for years.  Jiu jitsu is my passion and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.


Brett Tellis

Black Belt



Art Petrosyan

Head MMA Coach/Manager



Eric Gutierrez

Brown Belt

My name is Eric Gutierrez, I am a Brown belt in BJJ and started at 303 Training Center in 2014!
My favorite BJJ black belts are Roger Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, and Gordon Ryan. Besides doing Jiu Jitsu all the time, I also love to listen to music, play drums, and go to concerts!
Si hablo español! Si puedo ayudar si no tienen confianza en tu ingles!


Daniel Gonzales

Brown Belt



Jeremiah Brunner

Brown Belt

Jeremiah "Coach Jay" Brunner has been regularly training at 303 Training Center since 2012. He's climbed the 303 ranks from white belt to third-degree brown belt and has been a fixture in the 05:30 a.m. classes since 2014. Jeremiah has a passion for teaching. He currently teaches every Monday at 05:30 a.m. and runs the monthly 05:30 a.m. competition class. He has a 17-year background in law enforcement, mostly in criminal investigations. He's also put his various experiences and passions into a self-defense business for survivors of crime. Check out his website here! 


Jake Saltzman

Brown Belt

Never much one for team sports or exercise of any sort, Coach Jake needed a new hobby after high school to stay active and engaged. This is when he first stepped onto the jiu jitsu mats in 2009 and immediately fell in love. Jake's first experience was in Saginaw, MI where he grew up and he made it his first priority to find a new jiu jitsu academy upon moving to Chicago for school in 2010. Jake moved to Westminster, CO in 2021 and promptly found his home at 303 Training Center. 

This love affair instantaneously impacted all aspects of Jake's life, resulting in a new motivation to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, if not only to have better jiu jitsu. It was not long before Jake began applying the lessons he learned from jiu jitsu in regards to dedication, discipline, and problem solving to his personal and professional life. 

Jake's favorite aspect of jiu jitsu is the sense of community it creates. Having trained all across the country (and even abroad), Jake has found that jiu jitsu can act as a universal language and create beautiful bonds between individuals that may have otherwise never been connected. 

Jake teaches the advanced class every Wednesday at 6:30PM. Outside of jiu jitsu, Jake's passions include his family, spending time in the mountains, and obscure history trivia.


Fuger Hoycott

Brown Belt



Mitch Evans

Brown Belt

Mitch Evans was inspired to begin his jiu jitsu journey after watching Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Pride Fighting Championship videos on VHS in the late 2000s. He arrived at 303 Training Center in 2013 and eventually received his brown belt from Professor Tony Basile in 2022.  He is a devoted father to a teenage daughter,  and a teacher at Mountain Range High School in Westminster, CO.  When he is not on the mat teaching,  training, or competing, he enjoys reading, doing stand up comedy, collecting vinyl records, and playing guitar.  His one piece of advice for anyone who is new to jiu jitsu is to "just keep showing up".


Jon Trinidad

Purple Belt/Wrestling Coach



Anthony Barriero

Brown Belt/Wrestling Coach

Life-long wrestler turned jiu-jitsu practitioner. Enjoy forming connections and sharpening our jiu-jitsu using wrestling techniques. Being my main purpose in life, will continue to grow my art and give back to the 303 community. This gym has been a huge reason for my growth thanks to the professors, coaches and the family I have made  long the way.

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Ari Hen

Blue Belt/Kids Coach

I started Jiu Jitsu at 11 years old and my first day I was very scared, so scared I couldn’t get on the mat. I
made myself come back the next day, and the second I got on the mat I fell in love with the
sport. It has now been six years and I haven’t looked back. I've learned more life lessons than I
can count. I’ve learned how to communicate & trust my coaches. How to be part of a team, and
to put myself out there and experience new things. Now I coach the Little Hero’s and Teens
class. I could not be happier. Being the only girl on the competition team for years was hard and
there were learning moments for everyone involved, but to see the next generation of
competitors and all the girls who fight so hard every single day warms my heart to the core.
When I’m not on the mat, I’ll be with my family or camping in the mountains. If you have a kid
who would like to join jiu jitsu, send them my way, I would love to be a part of their BJJ journey!


Aly Hlipala

Membership Specialist

Hi there, my name is Aly and I'm a purple belt here at 303 Training Center! When I'm not at the front desk, you will always find me on the mat or talking to everyone here at the dojo! Jiu jitsu isn't the only thing I enjoy (I know shocker). I love music, traveling and relaxing with my dog!

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