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Kids Competition Team

Fri @ 5:15pm

Is your child in our Jiu Jitsu program, but wants to take it one step further? Competing is always a great option, but our Mbuna team is something more than just your run-of-the-mill fight team, it gives each member a chance to be something MORE.

Our Kids Mbuna Competition team comes from humble beginnings, starting back in October of 2016 from just a group of our little grapplers wanting to compete more and more. What used to be called Friday Night Fights evolved into a uniformed, and TOUGH team that has raised over thousands of dollars for various charities.

We like to think of every competitor as a little Philanthropist. A requirement to be a part of this team is to pick a charity to sponsor in order to give back to the community! The kids go out to compete, and beforehand ask anybody whether its family members, friends, teachers, etc. for sponsorship money. (EX. If they get a bronze, they ask for 20 dollars, if they get a silver, 40 dollars, gold 60 dollars, etc.) Our competitors do not get to keep this money, they give whatever money they raised to whatever charity organization they picked out!

That is the main requirement of being on the team. Here are some other ones;
All participants that want to join have to come to a try out period. This just means they have to come to our Friday night Mbuna class at 5:15pm, for 8 weeks without skipping. This ensures that they learn what it takes to be on a team as they are all helping each other get ready for their individual matches at Jiu Jitsu Tournaments.

Every student also has to be wearing a black Gi, black shorts, and a black rash guard. Uniformity is a big deal when we run these practices! One big thing we need to get out of the air is that this Mbuna practice does not count for stripes. Of course the practice counts, they just will not be ranking up in their belt level for these classes. This is a huge thing because for anybody who wants to compete, we recommend you doing at least 2 normal Jiu Jitsu classes a week, and also coming to our Mbuna practice every Friday at 5:15pm. 

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