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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday@11:00am Saturday @ 11:30

Randori an ancient Japanese term that describes “sparring”. 

At the 303 Training Center Randori’s have been a favorite amongst members and guests, a 12 year staple on our mats.  In fact they happen almost everyday and sometimes twice! 

Sessions are a mix between Gi and Nogi. The schedule has been the same attire, same days and times since the day we opened in 2010 so you can  always count on fellow members being there no matter what day, time or session type.  

Randori is different than Open Mat so here is our short list of etiquette and requirements to help keep these sessions true to their nature. 

  1. Please be on time and smelling fresh.

  2. 2 lines are formed amongst participants. With each member lined up directly in front of another member. This person will be your first round and often this is a warm up round.

  3. 6 Minute Rounds 1 Minute rest for 60 minutes straight. 

  4. At the end of each round participant immediately go back to the line and line up directly in front of the member they just grappled. 

  5. Once everybody is lined back up each participant rotates one position to the right. And just like that you have a new partner to grapple! Now go get a drink of water if you need too, then hurry back to your partner before the rest time ends! Slap hands, bump fists and go! Then repeat the process until the Randori has finished! 

  6. Randori participants should NOT leave the session early. If you must leave, we understand and you are welcome back but there is NO re-entry for that session. No exceptions. Test your grit, don’t quit! 

  7. This can be an intense session but safety is number one.  Please take care of yourself first. Tapping is not losing its wisdom on many levels. Please tap if necessary!

  8. Please give others a fair chance to tap but it is just as important to make sure you are taking care of others mentally and all around physically.  

  9. Please trim all your nails and remove any jewelry that may harm you or your partners.

  10. We recommend every member with two stripes on their white belt or higher should attend these sessions-at least once a week.  

Now bump fists and go!!

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