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Logan has upgraded to a sunny new Orange/White belt!

Little Logan has been a shining example of someone who has a lot of potential, yet has to keep working towards it. This kid does a fantastic job when it comes to setting a goal and actually working towards it! This attitude is extremely contagious for other kids on the mat, as it makes them want to keep on keeping on, and work as hard as he has. Does he know how to have fun? Of course. Does he have a silly and fun loving attitude? Definitely! But does he get his work done? He definitely does, and that is all we can ask for when it comes to being such a talented little grappler!
Thank you for keeping it playful, and congratulations Logan! 


Chloe is a White/Yellow belt now! 

Man, when it comes to this Little Hero here, you can definitely put the "NO" in No Nonsense! Whether its keeping the balls of the mat, to making sure everyone has a good attention stance. Or even helping everyone get in line, to asking people to be quiet in the mat chats, this little girl is here to work! She takes her training very serious, but she also knows how to have fun when its time and we love that about her! We can not wait to see what she does in her yellow. Orange is next, and with that attitude on and off the mat, it should not be too far! 

Thank you and congratulations Chloe! 


Charley has graduated from a white belt to a fantastic White/Yellow belt!

This little girl is a complete powerhouse on and off the mat! She is so dang good at using her brain along with her body to get whatever desired result that is wanted and that is what future IBJJF world champions are made of! She comes in ready to not just grapple, but listen and we could not be more appreciative of such talent and maturity at such a young age! You'll make a find future Mbuna team member one of these days! We got out banana belt, now off to the orange!
Thank you and Congratulations Charley! 


We got a super belt for this super kid!


Zaid has been in the program for the past few months and quickly climbed up his rank to a beautiful, sunny Orange/White belt! Zaid loves 303 Training Center and his favorite part about Jiu Jitsu class is all the chokes and jokes we have at the gym! This kid's closed guard game is just as wicked as his Toilet Tag game is! He is always having a blast in class and will always have the unique ability to make you laugh!
Congrats Zaid and thank you! 

Hunter upgraded into a GOLDEN Yellow/White belt!

Hunter got pretty far in his Jiu Jitsu journey before getting this belt! He was a tiny little terror in the Little Heroes class with a sweet and kind heart, but also with a wicked double leg! He does a great job helping his fellow students out with whatever moves are being taught that day, and we can not wait to see where this belt takes him! He can't wait until he gets a little older to start coaching in the Little Heroes class, where we know he will shine! Congratulations Hunter!


And The blueberry belt goes to....

Rylee was awarded her White/Blue belt this week, and we could not think of a better accomplishment for such a sweet kid! She comes to Jiu Jitsu and does exactly what she is told, 100% of the time! This explains why her Jiu Jitsu is so phenomenal at such an early age! Coming from a grappling family also can help a lot, but what she does on the mat is all her all of the time, and we love it! Blue marks a whole year training in our program, and we are excited to see what the next year brings in!
Congratulations Rylee! 


Blue/Purple is lookin extra Priddy for Kieran Priddy!

Kieran has been growing up on the mat with breaks in between, but that has not stopped him! He has become a wonderful bevy of knowledge when it comes to grappling techniques! This kid could probably take coach Eric's job and do it with flying colors! He is always ready for a good grappling session, and is always a helpful partner whenever his partners are having a hard time LEARNING technique, which is a skill that can be acquired! We can't wait to see what this belt will do for him, and we will be there every step of the way just like he is for all his classmates!

Congrats Kieran! 


Three cheers for Aaron! He received his White/Orange belt!

This little dude is a little tank! An unstoppable force of fun and smiles. Aaron started the program just shy of 3 years old and what he lacks in age he makes up for in grappling skills! He's a super kid with a very fun and playful attitude. He loves to take care of his partners and he can play red light green light like no other!

Congratulations little Aaron! We love having you in class bud! 

FB_IMG_1677532886756 (1).jpg

White/Green is the color for this little one!

Mackenzie has been a Little Hero since before she was able to even be in the program! This little girl was itching to get on the mat from before when she would watch her older brother Nolan do his own Jiu Jitsu classes! Now, she can say shes been in the program a little under a year and boy she has just skyrocketed! We are happy to always see her playful self in class and we look forward to see what this new belt will do for her!

Congratulations Mackenzie! 

Orange is the color of Bears, and this one is a mighty one!

Bear has been at the 303 Training Center for a good few months now and we can easily tell by how much fun he is having during grappling time! Don't let his intimidating name fool you, this kid can be ferocious like a Bear on the mat, but is just as friendly as a Teddy Bear too! You can tell this guy is on the mat when you feel the playful energy of the room elevate, and we absolutely enjoy it! We can not wait to see what Orange/White does for you buddy!

Congratulations Bear! 


Celebrating 16 in Blue

Angelo Basile is an impressive kid, he's been training jiu jitsu since he was just four years old. He's the eldest of the Basile kids and is a shining example to his brothers and sister. Angelo has won countless medals, and raised money for various charities over the years as the (kids comp) Mbuna member and former Capitan. We’re proud to see him come this far and achieving his blue belt at 16!
Congratulations Angelo, we’re excited to see you grow and flourish in your Jiu Jitsu journey.

Purple/Blue is the belt for competitors!

Man what can be said about this kid, Royce Martinez got an awesome chance to level up this past week and we could not be more excited! This kid breathes, eats, and sleeps Jiu Jitsu, yet somehow still manages to do every other sport imaginable when he is not doing Jiu Jitsu! Saying his Father is one of our esteemed Professor's at 303 is not one of the only reasons he does so good, he naturally has had that black belt spirit since the Little Heroes class! One of our Little Hero alumni has gone on to awesome things in our big kids program! From tournaments, to off hour roll seshes, he loves being part of the Mbuna team and his Jiu Jitsu prowess really shows everything he has been working hard to achieve!

Congrats Royce! We are so happy for you! 


The Dynamic Duo

Look out world! We have a dynamic duo here with some brand spanking new blue/white belts! 

Zaleah and Zaida make up 2 parts of a wonderful duo of Jiu Jitsu prowess! Zaleah loves to be silly and have fun when she is just drilling on the mat, but her skills during live rolls are amazing and you can definitely tell she picks up on a lot of things! Zaida is a very serious and calm mannered young lady, but is always remembering to keep things playful. She rolls with the skills of a future IBJJF world champion! Blue belt is a big deal at 303 Training Center because it signifies a year of hard work, and we can definitely see that in these two! They both come to friday night fights every week with the goals of competition in their minds. These two make a wonderful example to other little ones at 303 Training Center, and we can not wait to see what blossoms out of these two mat monsters! 

Congrats Zaida and Zaleah, thank you both for all you do! 


Blue goes great with Purple, and it goes even better on Mary Jane!

This little girl is a powerhouse on the mat. One of our Little Heroes alumni, has gone on to bigger and better things in our 7+ Kids BJJ class. We have seen this little girl grow and BOY does she fit the bill when it comes to a Jiu Jitsu kid! She loves to play games and she loves to talk to all her friends during class, but when it comes to grappling time, she is as serious as can be and is definitely not going to stop anytime soon!

Congrats on your belt Mary Jane! 


This little ball of fire is named Serenity and she is a Purple/Red belt now!

You can tell how tenacious this one is by the way she grapples! The ferocity reminds us of the color red and her new belt suits it very well! Serenity started with us in the Little Heroes class and quickly went on to the regular 7+ Kids BJJ class, we can definitely see why as time goes on and her grappling skills soar. Oftentimes, she opts out of game time at the end of class and is immediately looking for other kids who would rather grapple themselves, and we love that! Don't let her skills fool you, Serenity is always running up to her fellow students when they get promoted, and being extremely nice and helpful to everyone on the mat!

Team work makes the dream work, congrats Serenity! 

There is a future, and it's GREEN


Little Nuru has been a staple part of our Little Heroes program for almost a good year now! Like any other kid, he LOVES the game portion of class, but don't let that fool you! This little one has the tenacity and technical prowess of a future world champion, and as he gets older he will definitely blossom even more, on and off the mats! We can not wait to see what you do in your White/Green belt!

Congrats little Nuru! Thank you bud! 

Super Star Lyla! 

Cheers to Lyla Hoycott! Jiu jitsu comes easy to this little superstar! Lyla's 8 years old and has been training since she was 4 here at 303 training center! Lyla definitely puts in the hours and 4 Years of training equals a purple/white belt! Keep shooting for the stars because that's where you belong!


Always positive and always determined Giacomo Basile

Giacomo Basile is one of the 303 Training Centers most positive and outgoing students!

  As a competitor Giacomo has been nothing short of exciting by winning all 14 of his 15 matches by way of submission!  We very much look forward to his next match!

   The new red/blk belt is a great training partner for all levels and you will consistently see him volunteering on Tuesdays and Thursdays by helping Coach Eric coach our Little Heroes classes and always making everybody laugh! 

  Way to go on your new 303 kids belt Giacomo!  We are so proud and fortunate to have a jiu jitsu kid like you at the 303 Training Center!


Moses Basile levels up!

Moses Basile youngest of the 5 Basile's earns his blue/white belt! This little hero has one of the biggest personalities and is always up for any challenge! Moses wants to be a zookeeper when he grows and with his continuing journey in jiu jitsu he'll be able to wrangle any crocodile that gives him trouble! Way to go Mo!


Looking good in blue Ashley!

First blue belt of the year! Woohoo get it girl! Ashley has such an optimistic and positive attitude when she steps on the mats! She puts in 100% effort in her practice and it shows! Ashley displays a passion and determination that is felt by all those that are lucky enough to train with her!


Outstanding Student Kya

Displaying great determination Kya's always been a dedicated student in the kids program and shortly moving up to the teens program, she shows great success and progress in her Jiu Jitsu journey. Earning her blue/purple belt Kya is looking confident and ready to motivate herself and her teammates on the mats! We're lucky to have an outstanding student in our teens jiu jitsu program!


Climbing The Jiu Jitsu Ladder!

Grn/wht is a great color for our Little Hero Kailan Batchelor! This youngling has got some fire in him, showing up almost every day just to get some fantastic training in! Kailan likes to mirror his older brother who happens to be one of our assistant coaches. Kailan’s always working hard regardless of how many stripes he has and we see it from the number of days he does training week in and week out! Keep that black belt attitude up Kailan! We look forward to seeing what your jiu jitsu journey has to offer for you bud!

Congratulations Kailan!

received_660045275811382 (1).jpeg

Layla is Gold!

Looks like we have another Little Hero who has officially graduated to the 7+ Kids BJJ class! Layla has been wanting to be in the 7+ class since she started Jiu Jitsu in August of 2022! With dance, crossfit, and other extracurriculars going on, she still puts in 100% of herself on and off the mat. For that we are proud to call her a student of 303 Training Center, and we love how much of a great big sister to not just her little sister Emmy, but to everyone else on the mat!

Congratulations Layla! 


Blue is the color of Tiger lilies

Don't let this little girl's adorable name fool you. She is as sweet as she is fierce and that is saying a lot! The color of this belt promotion is very special considering not only is it just BLUE, but Blue belt marks a full year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training just like the adult belt system does! You can imagine how pumped a hard working little student like herself is being able to say she has been training for a year! The coolest thing about her getting on the mats is it got her father and assistant coach Billy back into training BJJ as well! Which is all around very inspiring. Keep encouraging people on and off the mat Tigerlily!

Congrats on the blue belt Tigerlily! 


No Blue Belt Blues For Aryssa!

This little Lady got her PURPLE/WHITE belt this past week and is ready for the next step! Aryssa has been training for well over a year now. Her Jiu Jitsu DEFINITELY shows how consistent she can be when she is throwing down on the mats. Not only does she have a wicked X-Guard sweep, she also is a fantastic role model to her younger brother Angelo and all the other belts! You will see her after class making sure everyone is shaking hands properly, and showing the most utmost respect to her coaches and training partners.
Way To Go Aryssa! 


Look out y'all! We got a new White/Purple belt on the loose!

Do not let little Austin's adorable demeanor fool you, she is fearless and tough as she is cute! Austin has been a great part of our Little Heroes program since before she even got on the mat. Nothing was cooler than seeing her, watching her older brother Wyatt (who is part of our 303 Little Heroes alumni) training. You can tell she was going to be a little mat monster. As she has gotten older, she is now doing the same, and 303 could not be more proud!
Congratulations on your "Grape Jelly" belt little Austin! Thank you! 


Holy cow, Blue AND Purple? Way to go Wyatt!

Belt promotions are always super awesome. Seeing these kids realize how much hard work and time it takes to earn anything is a real treat to see, but it's really cool when you have somebody who has been doing Jiu Jitsu since they were LITTLE. Since the age of 4 he has been working hard, training Jiu Jitsu, and being a great role model for his little sister, Austin. His blue belt brought him a lot of cool things like competition and Mbuna practice experience! We cant wait to see what Blue/Purple will bring you.
Good job Wyatt!

Blue and Purple looks great on you dude! 

Sage looking fierce in orange/white


Let's give it up for Sage, who leveled up with a bright sunny White/Orange Belt! 

Nice sunny white/orange belt you got their Sage! We admire the fact that this little girl loves Jiu Jitsu so much. She left on vacation and even took her gi with her, that is insane! She comes in ready to train with one of the BIGGEST smiles on her face! Her laughter is super contagious, but do not undermind the ferocity that she can throw us with! It is quite impressive and are honored to award her with this orange belt! 
Climbing up the ladder, one stripe at a time! Thank you Sagey!  

Jace is leveling up 


ANOTHER Little Hero Graduates into the 7+ Kids Class!!  

And that little one is Jace! 
Look at the GOLD of that Yellow/White belt! Nothing feels better than a hard earned and well deserved promotion. Jace loves Jiu Jitsu more than he loves Jersey Mike's, and that is saying a lot! Jace did a lot getting this belt as he was a little bit younger than most entering the program. He made up for this with his quick and easy with his bright attitude and willingness to hang with the bigger kids. 

Thank you Jace! We can't wait to see how you do with this belt! 

The Spunky Natasha

Man where to start with this one! 

Congrats on your Purple/White belt Natasha! It has been a wild ride since the Little Heroes, and even before that! This girl has basically been on the mat since she has been able to crawl. It helps a lot to grow on the mat when you have some butt kicking older brothers and an awesome Professor for a father as well! Don't let her adorable bangs and helpful nature decieve you, if she puts you in side control, you are NOT getting out! We can't wait to see what kind of Natasha this belt will bring out of you! 

Congrats Tasha! Thank you for all you do on and off the mats little one! 


Cole and his sweet new White/Yellow belt!

This kid came in shy and timid, and quickly warmed up to our fun and playful Jiu Jitsu atmosphere like nothing! This little dude can tell you how to finish a armbar faster than he can tell you how many different Spider-Man's there are! We are so genuinely proud and we love to see this little kid, everytime he is in class, he comes ready to learn and ready to work hard. We can not wait to see what this belt does for you little dude!

Congrats Cole! 


Bright and  dazzling Sophia!


Our future IBJJF champion is in the house and she is a Orange/White belt!

This little one has been training hard and it shows! She can be a future world champion, and she definitely will be as she applies herself! She definitely has shown what she can do through yellow belt and on and we can not wait to see what she does in this beautiful Orange/White belt. Sophia has all the tenacity of a little Gabi Garcia and we can't wait to see!

Congratulations Sophia! Thank you for all you do! 


Lunas shinny new orange/white belt!

We got multiple Orange/White belts in the house and we love to see it!

This one goes for little Luna, who is as good of a contortionist as she is a grappler! The things this girl can do on and off the mat is absolutely bonkers, and we love the bright attitude and helpfulness she brings to class every week! Her Jiu Jitsu is always fired up by her older brother Logan, and we can not wait to see how this orange belt does for her!

Thank you for all you do Luna! We will see you on the mat! 

658 hours of Jiu Jitsu!


With over 658 hours of classes on the mat Lucas Hoycott is in the all time top 5 for most hours by the age of 10! Great job Lucas! You are on your way to LEGEND status!


Mile High Jiu jitsu salute!


Big mile high salute to Masoda on earning his kids Jiu Jitsu blu/wht belt! 
Masoda has been training constantly for over a year and a half. He is a great training partner, always friendly and never an easy kid to tap out. He can squeeze your head until your ears turn blue! way to go Masoda!


A Focused Leaona!


Big shout out to Leaona Durando! Leaona has put in over 180 hours on 303 training centers mat! She accomplished this in just 2 years! Leaona always has a no-nonsense approach to her jiu jitsu meaning she is all business! We're excited to see the enjoyment she takes from achieving her goals in jiu jitsu! Next belt PURPLE/RED!


Kids Christmas Cookie Party!


It's that time of year again! So bring your kiddo and all their friends to celebrate our Christmas Cookie Party Extravaganza!  We will provide all the drinks, activities and games! YOU bring all your favorite fresh baked Christmas cookies!
non nom nom!

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