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Mon & Fri @11am
Tues & Thurs @7:30pm

Open mat is different than Randori In a few ways.  The only true requirements of an “Open Mat” is members show up on time, and in the required attire whether that’s a “Gi” day or “NoGi” day.   Other than that the sessions are up to you and how you would like to train for that day!

  Members are not required to line up and “roll” with any other member. Members are allowed to leave the session early however we highly recommend you stay the whole hour.

 Many times, session are utilized for members to meet up and drill techniques, or just train with your favorite partner or partners the whole session!

Other times members meet up and just train by picking their own partners at the session looking for the same. 

These classes are lots of fun and you can count on people always being there!

 So round up your favorite training partners and jump in!  All belts welcome!

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