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*Advanced ~ Mon @7:30 & Fri @6:30
*Intermediate~Wed @12pm & Thurs @6:30pm ~.                                                   *OPEN MAT Sessions : Thurs @7:30
Mon & FRi @ 11:30

All these sessions are Intermediate level or higher classes and require a Blue Belt for Advanced or two stripes and up on your white to attend Intermediate. 

There is at least one NoGi session almost every day.  Included in these are Open Mats and Randori’s

Classes are all aimed on the most up-to-date and fundamental NoGi movements and theory. 

Adding this session to your BJJ schedule will certainly be fun and improve your all-around grappling!  Check the schedule and mark your favorite NoGi session and head on in! 

*NoGi Jiu JItsu: Service
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