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Jiu Jitsu is one of the oldest martial arts in existence, and it has a long history of providing physical, mental, and emotional benefits to practitioners. In recent years, jiu jitsu has become increasingly popular among kids due to its effectiveness with self-defense technique and its ability to help develop neural pathways, grey matter, and ambidexterity in arms and legs. It’s also an excellent way to build confidence that can carry over into other sports. As former President Theodore Roosevelt said, “The art of jiu jitsu is worth more in every way than all of our athletics combined.”

One of the biggest reasons why jiu jitsu is so beneficial for kids is its ability to provide a safe environment for them to practice self-defense techniques in teal life speed while learning discipline and respect. It’s one of if not clearly the best best martial art for teaching kids how to handle bully situations — not just physically but also mentally. Its emphasis on technique over strength makes it easier for smaller children to defend themselves against bigger opponents.

Jiu Jitsu can also help kids develop neural pathways and grey matter in the same way that music or math does. It encourages creativity through problem-solving exercises and helps build ambidexterity in both arms and legs by teaching them how to move their limbs independently from each other. And since most moves are done with your own body weight rather than using props like punching bags or weights, it’s quite low impact — perfect for young bones!   

Another great thing about jiu jitsu is that it’s something the whole family can do together! The 303 Training Center offers family classes every Saturday morning where parents can join their kids on the mat in learning basic jiu-jitsu techniques. It’s an excellent opportunity for families to bond while getting some exercise at the same time — plus it’s free! If you live in Colorado (or if you’re planning a visit), then this is definitely something you should check out. 


No matter what age your children are – whether they're toddlers or teenagers – there's no doubt that they'll benefit from enrolling in a good quality jiu-jitsu program such as those offered at 303 Training Center. Not only will they learn valuable self-defense techniques but they'll also be developing important skills such as problem solving, coordination, mental alertness, discipline and respect – all while having fun! So if you're looking for an activity that your entire family can enjoy together, then look no further than Brazilian Jiu JItsu!

Prof. Tony

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10 years of jiu jitsu saves girls life

One night Alex a 15 year old girl was walking at night in Otley park in the U.K with her friend Edwin Tosney. They noticed a man who was following them, the man stops the teenagers and tells them to give him their phones and wallets. She refuses to hand over her personal items and the attacker pulls out a knife and tries to stab them. When Alex and her friend realize they are in trouble Alex uses her Jiu Jitsu to defend herself. Alex has been training Jiu Jitsu since she was 5 years old. Having 10 years under her belt really came in handy in a spur of the moment attack. Alex grabbed the attackers arm and shoulder to take him down to the ground and mounting the attacker. The attacker losing grip of his knife managed to escape from Alex and ran away. Police arrived and said that there had been 2 other knife attacks that same night in the park. Alex was truly a hero using her Jiu Jitsu to stop an attacker from putting herself and anyone else from danger! Learning self defense is so important and knowing how to react in a situation crucial to your survival! If you want to learn this amazing martial art that can help you in the long run, try a free Jiu Jitsu class today at the 303 Training Center!

Read the full story down below!

-Sunny B

Jiu Jitsu a martial arts inspiration to Comic Books!

Ya know, I have always been a HUGE fan of Marvel/DC Comics growing up. Seeing all these new awesome movies and series have made me super happy because when I was little, we did not have a beautiful bevy of live action Marvel/DC movies to watch! The best thing about it is being able to nurture my inner child by being able to see all these awesome titles coming out nowadays. One movie that really stood out to me was the first Black Panther movie. Being the comic book nerd that I am I know a lot about superheroes and the powers they possess. When I was younger, I always thought it was cool that they always made "Martial Arts" a super power, and in this case one of Black Panther's super powers is quite literally "being a black belt in all Martial Arts." Why is this so interesting to me? BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU yo!

In the first Black Panther movie, there was a fight scene between King T'Challa (Black Panther) and one of his rivals and great warrior M'Baku. M'Baku in the comics, and the movie, is a ginormous and formidable foe. He wants to take the throne of Wakanda for himself and the only way to do that is to challenge King T'Challa! Yes, King T'Challa Is the Black Panther, but he is also only the Black Panther by consuming something called the Heart Shaped Herb. The Heart Shaped Herb is what gives Black Panther his awesome super powers (super speed, strength, reflexes, etc.)

 If anybody wanted to challenge him for the throne, they have to FIGHT for it without any help from the Heart Shaped Herb! In the movie when this scene happens, he is stripped of his powers and has to fight mano y mano. Probably walking around at a solid 200lbs. King T'Challa is probably around 160lbs and has a significantly smaller build than him. When they fight, King T'Challa is getting his butt kicked for a little bit, but quickly gains the upper hand. The reason why? He uses his Jiu Jitsu skills to put M'Baku in a Triangle choke from the back! In the scene, M'Baku taps and surrenders! This scene always reminds me of the old UFC 1 days when you have the significantly smaller Royce Gracie using his Jiu Jitsu prowess and expertise to defeat a much larger and stronger opponent Ken Shamrock. Royce didn’t have the power of the Heart Shaped Herb, but he trained and trained and trained because that was the only way he could get better at his craft!

I guess the saying really is true, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a super power. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has me feeling like the Black Panther sometimes.

- Coach Eric Gutierrez

 Follow the link to read more!


Teenage kid takes out depraved man with jiu jitsu!

When it comes to fight or flight 16 year old teenager fights to defend himself and friend!

16 year old Alex Williams and his friend were spending the afternoon out in Guisborough North Yorkshire park. Alex caught eyes with a man Stuart Briggs who was targeting to assualt Alex. Stuart physically attacked Alex and his friend, shouting threatening remarks that he was going to drag Alex into an alley and stab him to death! As soon as Stuart made his first move towards the teenagers Alex stood up and right away was ready to defend himself by taking down Stuart who was twice his size and his age. Stuart’s reaction was not what he expected from Alex as he got up from the ground and then tried to attack Alex again, Alex who is a junior jiu jitsu world champion reacted in the most rational manner and who’s training came in handy during this intense moment. Alex took down Stuart who ended up biting Alex’s ear but Alex successfully pinned Stuart to the ground. Stuart fled the situation but the police were called right on time to arrest Stuart. The way Alex handled this situation was very honorable and he has his jiu jitsu training to thank for this!  Way to go Stuart! You are truly a shining example of what our beautiful martial art is capable of!

Sign yourself or your teenager up for jiu jitsu training today at the 303 Training Center for your free trial classes! Just follow the link or call today!


See you OTM!

-Sunny B

Follow the link below for full story!


67 year old woman takes down intruder!

Self defense with jiu jitsu!

A truly inspirational article!
67 year old  black belt Lorenza Marrujo defends herself and her neighbor Elisabeth McCart by using jiu jitsu! The seemingly ageless jiu jitsu practitioner was able to use her years of jiu jitsu training to take down an intruder who was drunk on booze and blatantly barged into her neighbors apartment. The Intruder had his hands on Elizabeth.  Lorenza kept calm and did what was necessary to get the intruder off of her friend.
The 67 year old Jiu Jitsu Black Belt decided the best way to deal with this aggressive behavior was to bend the intruders fingers back and then elbowing him in the sternum sending him straight to the floor right on to his back.
Then having gotten one knee on the intruders chest she then placed the other knee on his throat! Holding him down until the police came. Jiu jitsu shows us that no matter what your size or your age jiu jitsu it gives you the power the over come any challenge!

Check out the full story on the link below!

If you would like to learn this amazing martial art it's never to late to start! follow the link to get your free classes! 

9 Year Boy Chokes out Pit bull!

Saves little girl with Jiu Jitsu choke!

This is a great story that never gets old!  The most amazing part of this almost tragic story out of California was without a doubt this little boys unwavering courage! 

 What particularly held our attention in the Jiu Jitsu community was that the choke hold that little Drew learned in Jiu Jitsu class was the same choke he applied on the pit bull to save the little girl he was walking home from school with.

  He learned this choke only being a student for ONE month! This truly shows the simplicity and power in a jiu jitsu strangle hold when applied correctly and for the right reason.

 The choke hold (Mata leão) that nine year old Drew Heredia applies to subdue the angry dog is a very common choke that all Jiu Jitsu students learn within a short time of joining their respective Academy.

 Our 303 Training Center kids program goes over exactly how to apply this choke and when to use it like a super power! We teach our students all the virtues of a true martial artist and we hope that if ever a frightening situation were to arise like the one little Drew had to face... that we too would rise to such heights of courage and use our Jiu Jitsu like our hero Drew Heredia did!  Please read this story by following the link and please feel free to comment below!

See ya otm!

Prof. Tony Basile

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