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Setting Achievable Goals in Jiu Jitsu For Maximum Development.

When it comes to training in jiu jitsu, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, setting achievable goals for each session is key for success. By having concrete goals that are attainable and measurable, you can stay on track with your training and ensure that you are progressing steadily. One of my favorite techniques is to have just one objective goal before every training session. This could be anything from working on a specific choke or escapes, to more specific ideas such as a particular kind of grip control.

At the end of each session, I like to look back at what I accomplished and if I achieved my goal. Then I weigh out one thing I want to work on the next time I train and one thing I did well. Having this practice has helped me sustain a healthy mindset in my training for the last 20 years. Anytime I have notice that I’m in a rut it’s usually because I haven’t set any goals for those  particular training sessions.

Setting achievable goals in jiu jitsu has its obvious benefits such as being able to measure your progress and stay motivated during your training sessions. But there are also some other less-obvious benefits such as increased focus, increased confidence, improved problem solving skills and stress relief. All of these things can help you become better both mentally and physically at jiu jitsu over time.

If you haven’t tried setting achievable goals for yourself during your jiu jitsu sessions yet, then why not give it a try? Even just trying it out for a month can make a significant difference in both your mental and physical growth when it comes to your jiu jitsu . So why not give it a go! You never know what kind of progress you may make until you try it out!

Prof. Tony

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