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303 Training Center Fighters;  Showing Class in Both Victory and Defeat…

Last Saturday , 303 Training Center fans and members experienced a night of very mixed emotions.

Coach LT Nelson fought an incredible fight against UFC vet "Violent Bob Ross" Luis Peña to become the 3X King of Sparta $10,000 champion!

LT has competed in many fights over the years and has even fought many times in different weight classes. But LT's fight last Saturday was truly special and one of the very very best fights I have ever seen!    

Unfortunately, heavily favorited (and for good reason) Coach Art Petrosyan fell victim to a perfectly executed triangle choke in the first round of his fight.  We are not going to call it a fluke because of our high respect for Charles his camp and his excellent and perfect application of one of our very favorite submissions.  I am just not that sure it would go down that way again if the these two pros should ever face for a second time. With that being said, we tip our hats to Hybrid MMA and Mr. Hayward.  

It’s hard not to be inspired by our tough as nails Coaches Art Petrosyan and LT Nelson.  Their successes—and even defeats—show us what it means to truly have a champions heart both inside and outside the cage.   We will always remember their courage during times of adversity, their willingness to learn from mistakes, and most importantly their commitment to excellence no matter what the outcome! We are so proud to be a part of your journey Coach Art & LT, thanks or repping our team with such honor and class, we can hardly wait for the next one!   And finally, thank you to all the 303 fans and members that came out  and cheered on our fighters!  


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