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303’s MMA Plumber

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On Friday April 21st, Sammy Carr is set to fight for the Colorado combat club. This 32 year old has been training at 303 since December 2018, determined to make his dream of fighting MMA a reality.

When he's not running his successful plumbing business, Spartan Plumbing, he dedicates himself fully to MMA training, his friends, Dad and Dogs. His hard work and dedication have led him to this moment he set out for, where he will be stepping into the cage for the first time against  Domenic Pasqualicchio.  This will also be Domenics first MMA fight.   

Sammy Carr's progress in the fighting world started with Jiu Jitsu and kick boxing private lessons aimed strictly towards his goal of fighting. This process would lead him to strenuous MMA  sparring led by Coach LT Nelson and Art Petrosyan, this would eventually lead our MMA plumber to some kickboxing fights which he had great success in.

While running his plumbing business, Sammy dedicated himself to training and focusing on sharpening his fighting skills, building endurance, and improving his overall fitness levels. Sammy has emerged as a well-rounded fighter, ready to take on the competition and achieve his ultimate goal in competing in the cage.  

Preparing for the event has been a long, arduous process that has tested Sammy's physical and mental abilities. During his camp Sammy's closest four legged companion "Sunny" had passed away.  Sammy has turned that grief into determination and will certainly be caring his friend with him in his heart this Saturday night.  

Sammy Carr’s journey is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream and puts in the hard work to achieve it. He has shown that with the right mindset, dedication, and training, anything is possible.

With the help of his coaches and training partners at 303 Training Center, Sammy has been transformed from a hobbyist Martial Artist to a skilled and determined Martial Artist with a a focal point to beat up Domenic Pasqualicchio and get the victory in front of all his friends, family and Spartan brethren this Friday night in Denver Co. We really look forward to cheering him on in his MMA debut and you can too if you purchase tickets below!

Let’s go Spartan Plumbing! …and if you need or want some Black Belt plumbing or a nice toilet be sure to hit up Sammy Carr by checking out his website:

-Prof Tony Basile

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Apr 22, 2023

This Teared me up guys thank you all for what you guys do

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