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A Black Belts Nightmare

303’s current Head MMA Coach also happens to be one of Colorados very best WelterWeight Fighters and my good friend.   If you have never seen him fight and you are a fan of MMA then I promise you, you will be a big fan after seeing this man go after his opponents with a persistence that one can only describe as frightening.  He just keeps going, he just gets stronger, and he enjoys the hurt. No doubt he wants it more!  He has hate in his strikes.  These are the vibes he is throwing and all his opponents and fans can feel it. 

Art "THE ARMENIAN NIGHTMARE” Petrosyan is truly a nightmare in all aspects of MMA.  Possessing heavy punches in both hands and always seemingly able to place well timed kicks, knees and elbows, makes this Armenian born fighter a very bad dream for anyone that cannot withstand his heavy onslaughts.  Not that taking him down is an easy task for anyone that is not an exceptionally high level wrestler but even then it is no picnic. On the ground Art is well versed in defense and submissions and not easily fooled and never surprised.  Art eats sleeps and breathes combat arts and has lived on the mat for over a decade grappling all the best Colorado has had to offer and wherever he may find them.  What does this all amount to?  Well for starters The Sparta Champion has not lost a fight since 2017 and has the youth, strength and experience to make a serious run at the UFC.  

First however the 30 year old 303 Coach and fighter must get through a seasoned vet and very tough challenger by the name of Charles Hayward who himself is a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and respected competitor with a total of 31 Pro MMA fights with 17 wins and  many of them over very well known and respected fighters. Mr. Hayward is what we like to call a “Game Opponent!”

  So how will our 303 Coach handle this kind of fighter?

Will Art Stay away from the Black belt and batter him from a distance? 

Will he put Charles against the cage and hold him there punish him and win that kind of way?

Or will he beat the Black Belt at his own game and take the fight to the ground and sub him? 

This is why I love MMA!  There is so many ways to win… or lose for that matter. 

 Either way I would bet the yacht (if I had one) on Art Petrosyan!


Because of the fact I have personally witnessed his development for over ten years on and off the mat.  Seeing him time and time again working, training and fighting amongst the very best Colorado has had to offer.

Art Petrosyans MMA skills have been defined over the years in many versatile ways but one of the most defined ways for sure is he has defined the ability to completely dismantle an opponent with the particular set of skills in which Mr. Hayward possesses. 

I mean that with 100% respect to Charles his skills and his entire camp.

We are actually big fans of Charles Hayward and love the way he grapples, carries himself and fights!  Just not so much in the case of this fight… and yes, I am bias.    

All I know is I can’t wait to see these two true professionals throw down this Saturday night!! 

Let’s go ART!!!!


This fight will take place this Saturday In Aurora, Colorado at the Arpahoe County Fairgrounds. 

Purchase tickets below by following the link and putting “PETROSYAN” in all caps so Coach Art gets credit for the ticket sell.

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The True King of Sparta

 Have you ever heard of the term “Street Legend”?  The Urban dictionary defines the term as “A legend of the streets, someone who has earned respect through the streets.” 

 Well, if there ever was a version of “Street Legend" in MMA then certainly LT “SMASH” Nelson would be one name that jumps to mind immediately or at least it would for all that know Colorado MMA.   

 After all, at only 32 years old the South African native has competed in just about every sort of combat event one can think of.  From MMA at the top level to Bare knuckle championships that were won in a devastating violent fashion.  His Lethwei debut and victory is one of the best displays of all out fighting you will ever see. If you are not familiar with Lethwei then just think of the movie "Blood Sport"  He has also competed in Boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai and always at the utmost top Professional levels. His Glory kickboxing record is amongst the best in the World and all his fights and I mean ALL his fights are must watch tv!

 Truly LT has seen it all in the combat sports world and has always fought and trained with some of the very best fighters in the world and almost all of the best fighters in Colorado since he was 19 years old. 

  Ironically Lt made his pro debut against the 303 Training Center back in 2011.  His fight was against our tough, relentless and loved Joe "The Sicilian Terror" Guerra.  LT won that fight after two bloody rounds via a submission. From that day on we would always have a special even profound connection with Mr. Smash Nelson who would later fight for the 303 brand many times, then while still fighting became the Head 303 MMA Coach from 2019-2022. During that time The South African born and loved 303 fighter would amount other incredible achievements.  Among these achievements "Smash" would win the very coveted $10,000 prize and “King of Sparta” Title TWO times in TWO different weight classes! 

 In the summer of 2022 the feared LT would move to Oklahoma where new opportunities would lead him to instant success in the bare knuckle boxing world including titles, instant classics and FOTY nominations.  

 Now he is back in Colorado and on a mission to defend his 155lbs King of Sparta Title and win the $10,000 prize for a record third time! 

 This card is absolutely stacked and to win it all our 303 Legend must get through all three fights including the possibility of facing well known and very respected UFC veteran Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Antonio Peña.  

 This has potential to be the MMA Event of the year!  Buy tickets now by clicking the link below and putting the code “NELSON” in all caps so Coach LT gets credit for the tickets!

 This card will feature TWO of 303 Training Centers very own Coaches including our current MMA coach, manager and Sparta Champion Art Petrosyan!  If I could only pick 2 or 3 MMA event to go to this year than this would certainly be on the list! So Let's go scream our support! 




Featherweight Champ Nick Montez!

Nick Montez becomes the new "King Of Sparta" Featherweight Champion and he does it in spectacular fashion! The "Mile High Menace" started off his historic night with a spectacular 1st round TKO in the Boxing portion of this event. His second fight of the night would take place under Colorado Amateur Kickboxing rules and would prove to be Nicks toughest challenge of the night. Nick would overcome his opponent through his relentless attacks and outright determination. This would win him a decision and the opportunity for the $3000.00 grand prize and to become the new Sparta Featherweight Champion.  

 Getting to this portion of the event is quite a challenge in itself, both fights have different sets of rules (Boxing and Kickboxing) but you also have to win both of those fights. Winning both gets you a chance to fight a three round MMA fight for the $3000.00 prize and Featherweight Title.   

Nick came out the first round like a man on a mission that was as fresh as his first fight and he never eased up, not even for a second.  Any opportunity the "Mile High Menace” had to hit his opponent he did and he did so with what looked to be vitriol. Every punch was thrown with bad intentions along with every knee to the body and takedown. For three rounds Nick battered and beat his opponent until the very last second of the last bell. This final display of power would earn him the victory, the Featherweight Title the $3000.00 and only the second 303 Training Center fighter in a decade to win this unbelievably challenging MMA event.  

We want to send our gratitude to all of Nick's opponents for the evening who were all tough, skilled, and game opponents. A special thanks to Jeff Cisneros and the entire Sparta Combat organization for always putting on incredibly well run MMA events.

  We also want to thank all his Coaches, especially Art Petrosyan and Kevin Jacobe. Without them this hardly would have been possible. 

Along with our coaches we also had a great amount of help from Jake Ramos and the entire Genesis Academy.  Please check them out if you are in the Arvada area and want the best MMA academy in Colorado. Tell them 303 sent you! 

And finally, we want to say, Thanks to Nick Montez for representing the 303 Training Center, his coaches, family friends and fans with such class, honor and respect. You truly represent all the characteristics of a great champion. We can hardly wait to see what the future brings for you Nick! Your accomplishment will always be remembered here at 303! 

Tony Basile




***Kids Classes are canceled***

 Due to school day closures we will be closing our kids classes for today! The safety of our students is what matters to us the most, all adult classes WILL still be going on, but no kids classes! 
Be safe and warm on this wonderful snow day!!

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Blue is the color of Tiger lilies

Don't let this little girl's adorable name fool you. She is as sweet as she is fierce and that is saying a lot! The color of this belt promotion is very special considering not only is it just BLUE, but Blue belt marks a full year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training just like the adult belt system does! You can imagine how pumped a hard working little student like herself is being able to say she has been training for a year! The coolest thing about her getting on the mats is it got her father and assistant coach Billy back into training BJJ as well! Which is all around very inspiring. Keep encouraging people on and off the mat Tigerlily!

Congrats on the blue belt Tigerlily! 

received_660045275811382 (1).jpeg

Layla is Gold!

Looks like we have another Little Hero who has officially graduated to the 7+ Kids BJJ class! Layla has been wanting to be in the 7+ class since she started Jiu Jitsu in August of 2022! With dance, crossfit, and other extracurriculars going on, she still puts in 100% of herself on and off the mat. For that we are proud to call her a student of 303 Training Center, and we love how much of a great big sister to not just her little sister Emmy, but to everyone else on the mat!

Congratulations Layla! 


Climbing The Jiu Jitsu Ladder!

Grn/wht is a great color for our Little Hero Kailan Batchelor! This youngling has got some fire in him, showing up almost every day just to get some fantastic training in! Kailan likes to mirror his older brother who happens to be one of our assistant coaches. Kailan’s always working hard regardless of how many stripes he has and we see it from the number of days he does training week in and week out! Keep that black belt attitude up Kailan! We look forward to seeing what your jiu jitsu journey has to offer for you bud!

Congratulations Kailan!


$3000.00 Prize On The Line For The Mile High Menace

In a sport full of nicknames, you might be hard pressed to find a fighter with a better suited nickname for their style than Nick Montez. 

The 26 year old up and coming 303 Training Center fighter fights with a ferocity, power and seemingly endless gas tank that will surely make you a fan from the moment the bell rings.   

As an amateur fighter The Mile High Menace is as well rounded as any up and coming professional fighter which makes him a true threat to all contenders no matter where the fight may go.  

Why is being well rounded so important? Well outside the obvious reasons... being well rounded is particularly valuable when there is $3000.00 on line for possessing such abilities.

 Yep, that’s right $3000.00.


"Wait" you might say! 

Nick is a 2-0 amateur fighter, how can he make $3000.00?  You would be right to wonder such a question.  

Just to give you a little context on how much money that is for a fighter. Let's just say most all fighters making their professional debut only make $500.00 to show and $500.00 to win. 

 So, this is definitely an unbelievable opportunity for any fighter much less an amateur fighter.  

 The way Nick can accomplish this is by winning the very prestigious "KING OF SPARTA FEATHERWEIGHT ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT” on January 21st at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colorado.

The tournament itself is a unique one of a kind tournament that requires fighters to participate in a Boxing match, Kickboxing match and an MMA fight all in one night! 

This is a single elimination tournament so to win it all and the $3000.00 prize you must win all three fights in the order mentioned above.  

Nick Montez is truly an up and coming star and there has not been a 303 Training Center fighter better equipped to win this tournament since the last time we witnessed Coach LT “Smash" Nelson become The King of Sparta and win it all in dramatic fashion at the professional level twice in two different weight classes!  

Buy your tickets now by following the link below and putting the CODE  “MONTEZ” in all CAPS so Nick gets credited for the tickets!  

So bring your loudest cheers and join your 303 Training Center Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing family on the 21st of this month as Nick “The Mile High Menace” looks to make his name live forever in the halls of the 303 Training Center by becoming the 2nd fighter off our mats to be the next KING OF SPARTA! 



Tony Basile


Outstanding Student Kya

Displaying great determination Kya's always been a dedicated student in the kids program and shortly moving up to the teens program, she shows great success and progress in her Jiu Jitsu journey. Earning her blue/purple belt Kya is looking confident and ready to motivate herself and her teammates on the mats! We're lucky to have an outstanding student in our teens jiu jitsu program!


Looking good in blue Ashley!

First blue belt of the year! Woohoo get it girl! Ashley has such an optimistic and positive attitude when she steps on the mats! She puts in 100% effort in her practice and it shows! Ashley displays a passion and determination that is felt by all those that are lucky enough to train with her!


Moses Basile levels up!

Moses Basile youngest of the 5 Basile's earns his blue/white belt! This little hero has one of the biggest personalities and is always up for any challenge! Moses wants to be a zookeeper when he grows and with his continuing journey in jiu jitsu he'll be able to wrangle any crocodile that gives him trouble! Way to go Mo!


Bring On The New Year 2023!

Goodbye 2022! 303 Training Center had some amazing last classes of the year and we're excited to bring in the new year with more smiles, new goals, and more hard training! What better way to start the new year than to bring in Jiu Jitsu in your life! Thanks to all the students who have been dedicated and committed to their Jiu Jitsu practice and for continuing their martial arts journey with us at 303! We're looking forward to seeing new faces to start training with us this new year as well! Sign up for a free trial today!

Safe Kickboxing
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Always positive and always determined Giacomo Basile

Giacomo Basile is one of the 303 Training Centers most positive and outgoing students!

  As a competitor Giacomo has been nothing short of exciting by winning all 14 of his 15 matches by way of submission!  We very much look forward to his next match!

   The new red/blk belt is a great training partner for all levels and you will consistently see him volunteering on Tuesdays and Thursdays by helping Coach Eric coach our Little Heroes classes and always making everybody laugh! 

  Way to go on your new 303 kids belt Giacomo!  We are so proud and fortunate to have a jiu jitsu kid like you at the 303 Training Center!


Always positive and always determined Giacomo Basile

Giacomo Basile is one of the 303 Training Centers most positive and outgoing students!

  As a competitor Giacomo has been nothing short of exciting by winning all 14 of his 15 matches by way of submission!  We very much look forward to his next match!

   The new red/blk belt is a great training partner for all levels and you will consistently see him volunteering on Tuesdays and Thursdays by helping Coach Eric coach our Little Heroes classes and always making everybody laugh! 

  Way to go on your new 303 kids belt Giacomo!  We are so proud and fortunate to have a jiu jitsu kid like you at the 303 Training Center!


VOTE FOR LT "SMASH" Nelson for 2022 FOTY!

Our very own 303 Training Center Coach and Brown Belt LT 'SMASH" Nelson is up for the Bare Knuckle Fight of the Year award! 

   This is an extremely rare award and nobody deserves this award more then  Coach LT! So please take a moment and watch this fight and we are certain you will agree that it truly is one of the best fights you will ever see!  Then follow the link and VOTE!!! 

***The fight begins at 2:20:17 mark of the three hour event held in South Carolina on December 9th 2022***

9FC70293-C132-413C-8EF6-773322F383D6 (1).jpeg

Christmas Cookie Party

Thanks to all the kiddos and parents for showing up in the bitter cold for the 303 Christmas Cookie Party! Looking forward to seeing all you little cookie monsters on the mats before the end of the year!

IMG_2179 (1).jpg
IMG_2174 (1).jpg
IMG_2167 (1).jpg
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Super Star Lyla! 

Cheers to Lyla Hoycott! Jiu jitsu comes easy to this little superstar! Lyla's 8 years old and has been training since she was 4 here at 303 training center! Lyla definitely puts in the hours and 4 Years of training equals a purple/white belt! Keep shooting for the stars because that's where you belong!


A Focused Leaona!


Big shout out to Leaona Durando! Leaona has put in over 180 hours on 303 training centers mat! She accomplished this in just 2 years! Leaona always has a no-nonsense approach to her jiu jitsu meaning she is all business! We're excited to see the enjoyment she takes from achieving her goals in jiu jitsu! Next belt PURPLE/RED!


Kids Christmas Cookie Party!


It's that time of year again! So bring your kiddo and all their friends to celebrate our Christmas Cookie Party Extravaganza!  We will provide all the drinks, activities and games! YOU bring all your favorite fresh baked Christmas cookies!
non nom nom!

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658 hours of Jiu Jitsu!


With over 658 hours of classes on the mat Lucas Hoycott is in the all time top 5 for most hours by the age of 10! Great job Lucas! You are on your way to LEGEND status!


Mile High Jiu jitsu salute!


Big mile high salute to Masoda on earning his kids Jiu Jitsu blu/wht belt! 
Masoda has been training constantly for over a year and a half. He is a great training partner, always friendly and never an easy kid to tap out. He can squeeze your head until your ears turn blue! way to go Masoda!

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