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Welcome to the 303 Training Center!




Welcome to the 303 TRAINING CENTER!


This is a Black Belt Academy!

Welcome to the 303 Training Center! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned martial arts expert, we have something for everyone!

Our beautiful and always super clean facility is over 6,000 sqaure feet and is equipped with over 3500 square feet of mat space that is covered with the best  top of the line Dollamur Mats. Not only that but they also lay a top of a beautiful $25,000 floating and solid reinforced flooring!  

Add that with some of Colorados best and good hearted people... this makes for truly the cleanest, nicest, softest and best mat to train martial arts on in all of Colorado!

We’re conveniently located in beautiful downtown Westminster, just one minute from Highway 36 and 10 minutes away from Broomfield, Arvada, Thornton, Northglenn and Superior. 15 minutes from Denver and Boulder. 

Welcome to 303's newest location in the heart of Olde Town Arvada! We are conveniently located just off of Olde Wadsworth Blvd, right across the street from Fuzzy's Tacos. You can't  miss us!


At the 303 Training Center, we offer classes for adults and children of all levels

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced grappler, wrestler, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, kick boxer or MMA fighter the 303 Training Center has exactly what you need in a 2023 cutting edge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Martial Arts academy. 

Our instructors are dedicated professionals who will make sure you get the most out of every class. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are designed to be fun but also demanding so that you can progress quickly while still staying safe.

Each class is tailored to your individual skill level so that you can learn at your own pace. 

We also offer kickboxing, wrestling and MMA  for those who want to increase their cardiovascular endurance as well as learn more about self-defense techniques using wrestling techniques, boxing gloves and other equipment.

Our instructors are highly skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professionals who will help you develop your skills as well as build your confidence on the streets, mats and life in general!


We understand that our students need access to important news and updates regarding upcoming events such as MMA news, results, health tips, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and seminars.

That’s why we have made it easy for them by creating this website  as a tool they can utilize and stay up-to-date on everything that is happening at our training center including blogs about liu jitsu, striking, self defense tips and techniques for improving their performance in competitions or self-defense scenarios.  

So if you’re looking for an excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school near Westminster, Broomfield, Arvada, Fedral Heights, Superior, Thornton, Northglenn, Boulder or Denver then look no further than the 303 Training Center – we promise that once you step foot inside our facility, you won’t want to leave! Browse around our website for more information on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, important news updates, blogs or reach out directly so we can assist you with any questions or inquiries regarding our classes and instructors – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Goal Achieving

"A staple in the community"

        Since our founding in 2010, the 303 TRAINING CENTER     

has had the opportunity to enhance the lives of thousands of of our members and their families through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Kick Boxing.

We will help you acquire not only foundational Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills, but also be a tool and resource to assist you achieve some of your long-life goals. 303 Training Center founder Professor Tony Basile, a father of 5, founded & opened the 303 Training Center in October of  2010. Located in the NEW downtown Westminster,  303 TRAINING CENTER offers one of the biggest schedules in the country and offers classes for the whole family and FREE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to parents that sign their kids up for classes.  303 Training Center is World renowned and well Known as one of Colorado's premier Martial Arts Schools for authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing,Wrestling and MMA. 

We provide a safe fun atmosphere with a supportive healthy eco system of great people from all walks of life!  We offer a very wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels.Our goal is to help you reach yours!!

For nearly 13 years, the 303 Training Center has been dedicated to providing its members with a safe, nurturing environment in which to develop their martial arts skills and life-skills.

The 303 Training Center is home to some of Colorado's premier martial arts classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling and MMA.  At the heart of the 303 Training Center is the belief that each individual's journey is unique.While they may be here to learn martial arts, they are also learning valuable life-skills that will serve them on their path forward. The instructors at 303 Training Center are experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professionals who are passionate about helping their students reach their goals. Whether it be achieving a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt or improving self-confidence, every student can find success at 303 Training Center. 

The atmosphere at 303 Training Center is one of positive reinforcement and support. Each class is tailored to fit the student’s individual needs so that every student feels comfortable with their progress.

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities outside of class for members to get involved with events such as Grappling/ BJJ tournaments or seminars hosted by world-renowned martial artists and jiu jitsu Black Belts . These events provide an opportunity for members to test out what they have learned in a competitive setting while also having fun and building camaraderie with their peers at 303 Training Center. 

For over 12 years, the 303 TrainingCenter has been dedicated to helping its members reach new heights both inside and outside of their martial arts practice.


With a focus on providing quality instruction in an encouraging atmosphere combined with additional resources for personal development, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen this school as home base for reaching their goals . Whether you’re looking for a place where your child can learn self defense through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or you're looking for somewhere you can gain confidence through personal growth;303 TrainingCenter has something for everyone! 

Sign up for a free week trial today!  

We promise you will only thank yourself  because Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), kickboxing and wrestling are the gifts that just keep giving!






We are located in downtown Westminster  behind Costco which is in between Wadsworth and Sheridan on 92nd ave. One minute from hwy 36. 

Within 10 minutes from the heart of Broomfield, Arvada, Thornton, Northglenn and Superior and with in 15 min from Denver and Boulder.  

** 303- 650-4466**

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