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10 Years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Saves the Life of 15 yr old Girl and Her Friend!

One night Alex a 15 year old girl was walking at night in Otley park in the U.K with her friend Edwin Tosney. 

They noticed a man who was following them, the man stops the teenagers and tells them to give him their phones and wallets. She refuses to hand over her personal items and the attacker pulls out a knife and tries to stab them!

When Alex and her friend realize they are in big trouble Alex uses her Jiu Jitsu to defend herself!

Alex has been training Jiu Jitsu since she was 5 years old. Having 10 years under her belt really came in handy in a spur of the moment attack.

Alex grabbed the attackers arm and shoulder to take him down to the ground and mounting the attacker!

The attacker losing grip of his knife managed to escape from Alex and ran away.

Police arrived and said that there had been 2 other knife attacks that same night in the park.

Alex was truly a hero using her Jiu Jitsu to stop an attacker from putting herself and anyone else from danger!

Learning self defense is so important and knowing how to react in a situation crucial to your survival!

If you want to learn this amazing martial art that can help you in the long run, try a free Jiu Jitsu class today at the 303 Training Center!

Read the full story down below!

-Sunny B

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