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Monday @7:30 Wed & Fri @6:30pm

Congratulations you have progressed through our level two classes! Or maybe you are a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu or higher….  In which case you are now ready to excel in the advanced classes!  These classes are for those that are serious about the way they wish to sharpen their personal growth and skills in Jiu Jitsu. This class is taught by Brown and Black Belts only who will go into depth with each movement and linking them with other techniques, breaking them down and drilling them in a most optimum order. Designed to build onto existing concepts and new techniques our
advanced classes will stay on a particular series or position for the course of a month. This is to help make sure the students are taking in the techniques with full awareness of the mechanics of how the movements are supposed to feel and work.

* Advanced Jiu Jitsu: Courses
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